blue pool tiles 2" x 2"
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I am trying to find pool tiles on the internet. I tried local pool builders, but they no longer stock this pattern!
I am looking for ideas on how to find pool tiles for a pool build cira 1995.
Basically, I have a mosaic pattern made up of several types.
One type is a 2"x2" square with a corner circular 0.75" cut having a outward radial white marking on a aqua blue background.
The second type is a circular tile, 1.25" diameter with a set of 24 outward white rays on a aqua blue background.
The third type is a rectangular tile, 2"x.75" that is aqua blue in color.
Both are in a aqua blue color.
I have been looking at patterns on and,, and other locations for hours.
How do I find such a thing? Any good ideas on how to formulate a good search?
I am thinking of joining a ceramics class so that I can make a dozen.
Any other ideas where to look or how to go about solving this?

What does one use as an adhesive? Probably pool supply shops sell a chlorine resilient grout? I used epoxy on the backside.