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Step example files



Ok, how much will it cost to develop a geometric engine which will convert data structures from STEP to IGES.

Basically, we want to convert data structures from CSG (bricks and cylinders, using Euler Boolean Operations) format to boundary representation.

The resultant code must be able to handle edge and face intersections.

Platform: WinNT/2000/Me


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Basically, we want 2 developers with a math background who have 5 years experience in writing CAD software.

Example files:


instrux_sep 20c.stp


I have read Mantyla's "Introduction to Solid Modeling" and Mortenson's "Geometric Modeling", and several papers by Greyer and Braid, and some ACIS documentation. I really liked the section on Euler operators. In your estimate, how long (in man-months) will it take to write a primitive modeler which would correctly handle all possible Boolean operations between a rectangular solid and a cylinder? Any estimates if one were to work only with faceted representations? I hear that the boundary-boundary intersections are a real pain! I would think that those should be easy to weed out by offsetting the surface into the interior [by the model tolerance] (temporally while intersecting)? BTW, I hate that approach, which is called dilution of precision. Instead, one should treat the operations in the calculations as though the surfaces were offset, but not really corrupt the model.