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  PanoramIX Tour of St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts 
  • Look around: Drag with left mouse button or use arrow keys. 
  • Look and zoom: Drag with right mouse button. 
  • Level the view: 'l' key (toggle). 
  • If you do not get the panoramic image, this server has not been configured to recognize the *.pan extension.
    You must get as a zipped up file, you need to save it locally to your hard drive, unzip it, and open museum.htm locally. 

    Image src museum.jpg More tours at search for elmford, NY and look at Ridgeview apts!
<IMG SRC="museum.jpg" ALT="St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts" NOSAVE BORDER=0 HEIGHT=46 WIDTH=75>&nbsp; <P>Sorry, but PanoramIX is not available for your browser. PanoramIX is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3 and 4, and Netscape Navigator versions 3 and 4, on Windows 95, Windows NT/x86, and PowerPC Macintosh systems.&nbsp; <BR>

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