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1. When the word public highway is used, is that a word for all roads, or does that in fact mean highway as a numbered highway.

2. What is an abandoned vehicle? Is it anything that the judge or cop say it is? There was not big red sticker stuck on it, nor was there such a record of one from the court clerk!

Is it cost effective to get a lawyer for this? I.e., yes, he can get a lawyer, but they arenít cheap, so statistically speaking, he doesnít want to end up paying an addition fee and lose both his money to a lawyer and to the court. This is such a routine matter. Is getting a lawyer worth it financially. Iíd be more inclined to say, get a lawyer if there were a lot more at stake, but for something like this, it seems a bit expensive route. "Statistically" will getting a lawyer get this matter dismissed more often than a reasonably smart person can do on his own?

3. Can I charge the towing company with trespassing? The parking lot attendant walked over my car while it was in the yard? I know it did not have footprints (shoeprints) on it when I went to retrieve the registration paperwork in the glove compartment, but the next day, when I picked up the car, it had a shoeprints on the hood. He must have climbed over the car to get a something. Looking at this shoes and the shoeprints, they looked identical. I guess if I ask a cop to compare the shoeprints, he will laugh in my face!!